About Me

Hi there! I'm a sixteen year-old Christian, enjoying my teenage years under the King's rule! I am the oldest of four kids, all home-schooled. I enjoy reading, drawing, job shadowing at the local vet, paying attention to politics, and hanging out at youth group. My favorite season is fall, I love the colors, the earlier warmth, and cuddling in a blanket towards the end of the day. My favorite color is blue (has been since I was two). This past year I have been maturing in His Word, and learning more than I already know about him. After leaving my school of nine years, not only did I hit a rough spot in my Christian Walk, but I also hit depression. Thankfully, the saying "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger", was correct and I bounced back even stronger in my faith.
One more thing, I participate in a "Girl's Group" and the following is our blog: http://radiantgirlsofgod.blogspot.com/ please check it out

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